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Shaun Dennis: Medium at Thameside

MEDIUM Shaun Dennis will be appearing at the Thameside Theatre on Thursday at 7.30 pm.

Here, Shaun speaks about how his work has impacted on people’s lives.

“THE comfort and reassurance that loved ones still exist are two of the most important aspects of my work. Like other mediums, in my shows I try and bring hope into the lives of those that despair after ‘losing’ someone from ‘our side of life’. Surprisingly for some, these spirit people make themselves known in a variety of ways during the normal course of our lives including gentle touches, producing recognizable fragrances and even in some exceptional circumstances, full appearances. Many keep these experiences private to avoid possible disbelief or maybe ridicule. We have to try and appreciate that ‘getting in touch’ is no easy business for those on the ‘other side’. They have to choose occasions when those connected to them are at their most receptive.

The sceptics also have an understandable view, for its difficult for many who have witnessed the great physical suffering of loved ones before they ‘passed over’ to accept that life goes on in any form. However, we should in appreciate it from the spirit loved ones point of view too. Imagine what it must be like for the newly arriving spirit person. They want to get in touch with their loved ones to reassure them that they have survived what we call physical death. However, without a voice box or physical body how do they get your attention? This is where the medium acts as channel ‘between worlds’. On this point, during one message I gave, I pointed out to a wife that her husband now in spirit kissed her on the forehead most nights. She responded in a very emotional way that she had experienced a gentle tickling sensation there before she went asleep but didn’t know up until then what was causing it.

Therefore, during my shows the spirit people will draw close and put a variety of impressions into my mind through the different sixth sense channels. Loved ones who have ‘crossed over’ are basically trying to get the very important message across to their relatives and friends that they still exist and still care for them. This evidence can come in many forms. Sometimes, they will give their name along with either the road they lived in or fellow relatives reside or resided. Demonstrable proof of this can be seen on my website on the Home Page Video and under the Clips and Feedback sections, which has a variety of visual recordings from previous shows or are interviews with those who received messages during them. Surprisingly, two videos of the Clips Section feature full names given during messages. The first was the full name of an audience member’s father (Thomas Edward) and the second, the full maiden name of a daughter in the audience (Pauline Simpson) provided by her mother ‘in spirit.’

On my website are also connections of so- called ‘deceased’ loved ones covering a variety of ages and circumstances. From a grandmother who correctly passed some very accurate information to me including her name and the actual road and house location) within it of the member of the audience I was addressing, to a very moving connection involving a young man who was murdered. His female partner this side of life burst into tears when he made himself known to me. You can both read for yourself their testimonies and watch the video recordings of their interviews if you go to the Clips and Feedback Sections of my website (Some of Shaun’s after-show visits). Both of these were also featured in a national magazine. (Chat-its Fate Sept 08 edition).

As to the wife of the murdered man, when visiting her at home, I was struck by the very reassured and proud nature of this wonderful person who was so appreciative to have enjoyed this gentleman’s love when on this side of life. During my visits, former audience members are so grateful but the honour is truly mine.

In essence therefore, I see myself as both an instrument receiving information and making sense of it before passing it on. Perhaps we all need to remember that without a physical body or speech and living in what amounts to a different dimension of sorts, the obstacles of communication are considerable. In my view though, like the medium, they do their best. What they can get through can be very moving and can, in many instances, change completely our views of both ‘life and death’!”

Shaun will be appearing at The Thameside Theatre on Thursday 24th September
Tickets: £13.50 or £15 on the day from the Box Office: 0845 300 5264
Doors Open 7.30 pm -Show Starts 8pm


  1. Terrible echo on the sound track – sub titles may have been useful. I am surprised that YourThurrock chose to cover this, “story”, must have been a slow news day. This man is making a living by deception, and as such should be arrested under the trades descriptions act. On the other hand he does bring a degree of comfort to some of those recently bereaved, and choose to believe this man. I believe, rightly or wrongly, that if these people who seek comfort in a medium, were to go to a bereavement councilor, they would be much better served and would get over their distress a lot sooner, and for free. Unless of course they go for the entertainment value….strange sort of entertainment though.


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