Death of The Green Belt?

WHEN IS the Green Belt no longer “Green” and covered in houses? When Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (TTGDC) and Barratt Homes decide, it seems.

Despite many protests from local residents, they will continue regardless. After commissioning a closed answer survey that many residents do not seem to have received, they have taken the view that everyone is happy with the proposed build.

It is understood that the TTGDC remit is to bring new jobs and over 18,500 new homes to Thurrock which is classified as a deprived area but it is interesting that the brownfield sites that are still available across Thurrock are being ignored as more desirable green fields are “available”.

Aveley and Thurrock residents would welcome the diversity, skills and experiences of new residents but do not wish to lose Green spaces to do so. All residents are aware of the current pressures on health provision (already over subscribed), school places (already pupils are in 3 porto cabins) and utilities (several power cuts in the last year) and are very concerned the effect of another 340 households on the already over burdened services.

A quango with no roots in the local community have been tasked with creating a new landscape in Thurrock and that is something they are determined to do in Aveley despite reports from Anglian Water, the Environment Agency, East of England Regional Assembly ( EERA ) who all mentioned the land was never identified for development and if developed sewerage systems would be unable to cope with foul water flow and be liable to flooding.
The Wildlife Trust and Natural England made specific mention of concerns regarding loss of habitat and massive local opposition.

Will someone help before it is to late??

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