Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Irish Yes?/ Eire No?

We never know our tribe do we? I always thought I could work out the Irish Psyche but the first Lisbon ref debunked any theory or logical arguments I had. Actually I admit now I no longer have a scooby doo about the current Irish Psyche.

Three weeks to go and the opinion polls are 2:1 in favour of a Yes vote! Phew!

Interesting piece on TV last evening where Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary spoke in favour of a Yes vote. Most times I would ignore whatever this chap says as his previous campaigns have been self seeking but he did seem genuinely concerned for fellow Irish people. O’Leary has the advantage of looking like us and more importantly speaking like a man of Ireland.

Also on the same clip the No campaign have a chap called Ganley who is a major force behind the No campaign. Unfortunately for Ganley his No to Lisbon cause may be just but his UKIP friends and his background were seized on by those boyos in Fianna Fail.

Martin Healy gives his perspective on the Irish vote on the European Union.

I am not sure if our tribe has changed but:

Will the Irish bother at all to vote on Lisbon? I expect turnout will be high.

Will Fianna Fail do a job on Ganley?. How dirty can this get?. I would say very?

Will the Irish nation come to their senses and give Tony Blair the opportunity of that President of Europe job he deserves for squaring the circle for us in Northern Ireland

Will Ireland relapse into bitter conflict given the expected political changes in Britain next year?

Interesting times and potentially dangerous times

Funny feedback from my Dad last time. “I haven’t meet anyone who admitted to voting “No” last Lisbon vote. Is there genuine silent resistance to Europe in Ireland?

That No vote did affect my investment intentions in Ireland, I just felt how ungrateful we were as a nation Too well off then to worry about less fortunate Europeans. However there is no logic in our attachment to the emerald isle. Whatever happens on the Lisbon vote, we will just have to deal with it and move on..


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