Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Tour of Little Havens

By Lucy Chipperfield

In collaboration with the National Children’s Hospice Week, members of the Little Havens Children’s Hospice in Essex opened its doors to some special guests yesterday to allow them to get a glimpse into the wonderful work that Little Havens does.

Being a chatterbox by trade, I am very rarely speechless. However, from the moment I arrived I was silenced in amazement by the Haven and the activities and facilities it has to help the children learn and have fun. Everything, from the beautiful gardens, the personally designed bedrooms, the swimming pool, the fantastic sensory rooms, the various play and socialising areas, the newly designed kitchen, dining room and bathrooms, had been carefully considered and built especially for their inspirational children. Nothing had been overlooked; everything had been achieved.

Walking around the Haven you got a real sense of where your charity donations are going. Admittedly, I have completed various challenges for charity and I often encourage many people to sponsor me. However, once they have put a pound in the pot and I have posted the donations over to the charity, I am never sure what that money will go towards. Now I do!

Without a doubt, the work that Little Havens does is remarkable, and if we can help them in any way we should do so. You could always raise money organising an event, or baking and selling cakes. However, if your feeling a little more adventurous you could always unleash the daredevil within and raise money skydiving, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or cycling from London to Paris! The fundraising possibilities are endless and all range in levels of craziness. Therefore, you will always find one suitable for you!

My visit to Little Havens has shown me that a little support can go a long way and because of that, anything is possible. On that note, I will see you at the top of Mt Kilimanjaro or in Paris, or even falling from the sky…I have yet to decide which one to do. Who knows I might meet you doing all three!

On behalf of YourThurrock, I would like to thank Little Havens for inviting us to be a part of the open day. It was a truly enjoyable and unforgettable visit. Everything you have done and continue to do is astonishing and I hope we can help raise money to unlock the mystery behind the Hobbit’s Door!


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