Hipsey Set To Defect (Again?)

YourThurrock understands that Kay Hipsey is set to quit the Conservative Party and join the ever growing ranks of UKIP.

Mrs Hipsey was Deputy Chair of the South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservative Association. Her family are steeped in Tory tradition but it is believed that since the defection of her husband, Terry Hipsey, from the Tories to Labour in March, Mrs Hipsey has been the subject of a sustained personal and professional attack from fellow Thurrock Tories.

A source close to the Thurrock Tories said: “I’m not entirely sure if she is a genuine UKIP but the attacks were affecting her health. The party needs to weed out the bad apples before it is too late.”

UKIP Parliamentary Prospective Candidate for Thurrock, Clive Broad would not be drawn on the matter.

Mrs Hipsey was unavailable for comment but a statement is expected in the next few days.

YourThurrock Comment

Leader Garry Hague and Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold need to work fast now or their reign could end on May 6th. It is anticipated that former Tory Mayor Colin Churchman is set to stand against Wendy Herd in Aveley. Former Tory Stifford Cllr Leo Milan Vega is also set to stand. At the moment they are set to stand as “Independents” but that may change. There are also several other independent candidates waiting in the wings ready to make this potentially a disaster for the Tories.

Labour are passive and weak but the compulsive bickering and plotting by the Tories would make the Borgias blush. It is understood that one Tory councillor’s health has taken a severe nosedive and unless his colleagues help that person now, there could be dire consequences that go beyond politics.

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