UKIP: Today Billericay, Next Stop Thurrock?

THEY brought the big guns out for the Billericay Town Council By-Election and it paid off as a member of the UK Independence Party has been named the newest representative on Billericay Town Council.

Susan McCaffery, 69, of the Rising, Billericay, won the by-election with 480 votes, leaving Labour candidate Alan Bennett trailing with just 266.

Despite fears the British National Party would collect votes, candidate Tony Gladwin scored a paltry 95 votes.

On his way to the vote, YourThurrock spoke to MEP David Campbell-Bannerman about the variety of policies UKIP have to offer “beyond Europe”.

With a full slate of candidates expected for the council elections on May 6, they could well surprise a lot of people and upset the Tory applecart.

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