Saturday, September 30, 2023

Council Newspaper Given Green Light

THURROCK’S ruling Tory Cabinet agreed last night to set the printers rolling on a fortnightly newspaper.

The newspaper will be part of a radical transformation of the communications strategy in light of the Audit Commissions damning report last March.

The extensive plans include a Chief Executive blog, fortnightly e-magazine, school newsletter, e-mail alerts as well as the fortnightly newspaper.

The newspaper, set to be called One Thurrock will be launched next year and may cost in the region of £500,000.

Deputy Leader Amanda Arnold commended the atrategy. She said: “We don’t promote ourselves enough in Thurrock. This is a great opportunity.”

YourThurrock Comment

This could be a great opportunity. This may also cost the local papers dear. If they were that bothered then the Editors of the Gazette and Yellow Advertiser would have turned up. Architects of their own downfall.

The Tories may well to reflect that at no stage (and correct us if we are wrong) throughout the meetings regarding the strategy, did anyone stand up and say: “Will any person in Thurrock lose their job?” “What does this mean for the press.?”

The Gazette will tell you that this has been a dirty process: Press releases sent by the dozen on a tuesday afternoon so that they won’t make the Gazette’s deadline. Press deliberately banned from reporting on events paid for by theThurrock taxpayer.

We would hate to think that the representatives of the people have had the wool pulled over their eyes by a cunning plan. We will watch the tendering process with interest. You will be hearing the names of Phil McCusker and Mick Lowe a lot more.

We wait with interest to see exactly what they mean by increasing use of social media.


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