Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I Am A Writer

Walking across the spiky anaconda, climbing a mountain and treasure hunts are just a few ways the little ones from the Thameside Infant School created their a new book, I am a Writer.

I am a Writer, which focuses on how young children become writers has been put together through a project by the school and the Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships.

The project was focused on children in nursery to year two using animal characterisation through music, song, animal opera to bring stories to life with the help of actors, musicians and architects.

The children went through a musical and acting workshop and created super heroes from animals; the meerkat, rabbit, chipmunk and wallaby. The moral of the tale was for the children to look up to the super heroes.

Each year group took on writing stories and songs on animal characters as well as outdoor activities.

Cllr Sue MacPherson, Thurrock Council’s Cabinet member for Children’s Services, said: “This is an excellent way for young ones to learn and in future become budding writers.

“I commend the good work from the school and all the partners who have made the project a success and especially the little ones who showed their creativity in various brilliant ways.”

Beverly Allinson, Acting Headteacher, Thameside Infant school, said: “I am passionate about getting children involved in writing especially as writing starts from a very young age.

“Writing can be “captured” even from the early mark making of very young children. We encourage children to speak what they see before they write. This is how children become storytellers and then story writers.”

She added: “Their ability to use their imagination and bring stories to life was a key part of the project.

“I am very pleased with the book and so are the children and the parents. It was fun and hardwork and I thank everyone who has made this book become a reality.”

For more information or to get a copy of the book, call the Thameside Infant School on 01375 372188.

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