Thursday, April 18, 2024

Farewell Lambo

DIRECTOR OF Communications at Grays Athletic, Kevin Lamb is standing down at the end of the month due to work commitments.

Can we just have a moment to say thank you Kevin for all your hard work. You always went the extra mile to get the press releases out as soon as possible.

We will miss the sight of you jogging across the pitch with the team sheets.

Granted there were times we disagreed but you maintained an even keel on choppy waters.

All the best. Ever thought of standing for council?


  1. Many thanks for your kind works Michael, it has been great fun over the years and I am going to miss the buzz of the run up to the games but work must come first.

    Can I say a big thanks to YourThurrock, as you say we may not have always seen eye to eye on things but you have helped to promote the club through this great media.

    Hmmm, run for Council, unfortunately Mrs Lambo has said NO 🙂



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