Thursday, December 7, 2023

New Chief Speaks to Council

NEW CHIEF CONSTABLE of Essex, Jim Barker-McCardle pledged to place his “foot on the neck” of crime in the borough in a maiden speech to Thurrock Council.

The Chief promised to give strong and accountable local policing by officers who will stay around long enough for the public to know and trust them.

He also made specific reference to anti-social families who can blight the lives of the neighbourhood around them.

But his strongest words were reserved for organised crime where he pledged to “put his foot on the throat” of crime in Thurrock. He made specific reference to seizing the assets of criminals and “their cronies”.

Mr Barker-McCardle, 48 joined Kent Police in 1981 and served throughout the county in a number of uniform and detective roles. He was then appointed as assistant chief constable in Kent in 1999.

Mr Barker-McCardle was appointed deputy chief constable in March 2004 and was involved in the early stages of the collaboration programme between Essex Police and Kent Police.

Mr Barker- McCardle transferred to the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) in November 2007 as deputy chief constable and deputy chief executive.

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