Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Grays Athletic to Lakeside United?

Somehow, over the last few months, the soul of Grays Athletic has died. The crowds have dwindled to less than 400; the fans forum barely flickers with discussion. All the talk is of Thurrock at Oxford.

The new “owners” held an Open Forum last night but barely twenty people attended. Fans that did attend stated that they felt no wiser as to the plans for the club.

Even the newly formed Supporters Trust must be considering rebranding as a History Society.

YourThurrock has no doubt that there is every chance that the venture Andy Swallow has started, will end up as a success. Longshanks, Belladonna Records and The Academy have. Andy is thinking beyond the recession and of 2012 and 2018.

But what Grays Athletic means to the town of Grays beyond 2009 is a good question. If there is will-power to be at Blackshots, then they can be, but that is a decision for local business.

Teams move: whether it is Woolwich Arsenal, Stirling Albion, Salisbury City or MK Dons. Businesses relocate, people relocate,even countries change their shape.

A year ago, Non-League Paper, Thurrock Gazette, Setanta and YourThurrock all attended the Q and A. Last night, only YourThurrock attended and even they were turned away.

The club have almost shed its past. Only the spectre of April 26th hangs over them. The future will be fascinating and it is certainly worth following.


  1. Strangely, I was there and did feel better informed.

    Staying at the Rec would cost about £140K in fixed overheads i.e. rent/rates, heat, light, water, groundsman and Secretary, rgardless of the level we play at.

    Council don’t want us at Blackshots – our local Councillor confirmed that.

    The Aveley Sports and Social Club option is being activeley pursued. Mr Woodward made a incredible offer – he would pay up to two years gorundshare costs while the new faicilty is being built. Mr Swallow talked about the Club being offered first refusal on a 99 year lease at a peppercorn rent (legal parlance for a £1 a year!).

    Not all sweetness and light perhaps, but some hope on the horizon.

    Lets hope the Thames Gateway can support the Club where the Council has failed lamentably.


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