Griffin Launches Fightback in Thurrock

IF THERE was ever any doubt that the battleground for the BNP would be in Thurrock then they were dismissed this afternoon when Leader Nick Griffin called a press conference to make a blistering attack on the other parties.

The attack follows his controversial appearance on Question Time which attracted 8 million viewers but also violent demonstrations outside the BBC.

In a press conference on Friday, the BNP leader said he would be making an official complaint to the BBC about the programme, saying its normal format had been “twisted” so that it focused solely on his views.

He challenged the BBC to ask him on the show again and to allow a wider range of subjects to be discussed.
He also claimed the audience was not representative of the UK as a whole as levels of immigration in London meant it was “no longer a British city”.

On his heavily marshalled walkabout on the streets of Grays, Griffin was joined by Tilbury Councillor Emma Colgate.

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