Thursday, September 21, 2023

Tea-Lights Fire in Corringham

FIREFIGHTERS were called to a fire in a bathroom in Morley Hill, Corringham started by tea-lights which had been lit because the lights were out.

The residents were able to put the fire out before crews arrived and firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to make sure the scene was safe.

Station Officer Jeff Wheal said: “At this time of year people begin to use candles and tea-lights and incidents like this highlight the need to take precautions if you are doing this.

“The young lady had used the tea-lights because the lights were out and she assumed they would be safe but the tin cups they are in get extremely hot. In this case they set light to the floor and shower cubicle.

“She was alerted by a smoke alarm and doused the flames in water before we arrived.

“If people are going to use tea-lights they need to make sure that they are never put on a flammable surface, they should always be stood on plate or something similar.”


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