Thursday, September 21, 2023

Gray’s Anatomy

THERE WERE enough positives on display at the New Recreation Ground for the fans to believe that the team will stay up this season.

The Slabber/Onibuje combination was dynamic, flawed but fascinating. If they can maintain their form and have Charge and Rnkovic on the bench, then they may have something.

Billy Crowther’s loss may be Alan Logombar’s gain as he looked very comfortable at this level while Danny Bunce was also outstanding. As opposed to the headless chicken of Braham-Barrett, here was a strong and confident young defender.

The game gave some of the midfielders a chance to shine. Callum Leahy looked impressive until he had to come off. Daryl Robson also enjoyed the run out. This game will have given them a lot of confidence.

The Barrow manager felt that they played badly as opposed to Grays playing well but Grays did show some quality football on the floor.

This whole team need to be given time but that little gap of three points between them and fifth from bottom needs to be watched.

What a massive month November is but the team have no distractions at all.

Charlie Taylor and Sam Cutler have gone. Craig Braham-Barrett is nursing a broken jaw (dont ask), Paolo Vernazza and Gavin Hoyte are injured. That just leaves Becky Nutt?

For many, the riposte is “So what”. The team will be leaving Grays as a period of transition begins. It may end with Grays Athletic playing in Aveley.

If people want a Grays team to play in Grays then they need to start laying down the foundations now. It can be done. Start a community interest company, wire into the commissioning opportunities that come in a regeneration area, nurture relationships with the Development Corporation, Thurrock Council, Thurrock Business Association, all the schools, community forums and small businesses. Olympian league here you come but in ten, twenty years you may be looking back on a difficult birth and saying. “We are so glad we took the leap into the dark” Let’s be honest, you have nothing to lose.


  1. When the Leader of the Labour Group on Thurrock Council (and a Grays supporter since he was a lad), stands up at a fans meeting and declares “the Council doesn’t want the Club at Blackshots”, I believe it is time to listen to what the owners of the Club are saying! Effectively, it is “leave Grays or wither on the vine”.

    The Club has been given an unbelievable opportunity to take a long lease at £1 a year. OK it’s not in Grays, but if the Council won’t support the development of a community football club in the town, who can blame the owners for looking eslewhere? I believe the newly formed Supporters’ Trust should throw its weight behind behing the relocation to the Aveley Sports and Social Club. If they don’t, the Club could fing itself out on a limb, with no ground and no future a s a senior football club.

  2. GRAYSATH, I could not disagree more.

    Just because Blackshots does’nt seem to be an option right now, why does Aveley seem to be the only option other than death for GAFC?
    The development council have said on record that they have not heard from GAFC with regards to the North Grays masterplan, and would be willing to sit down with the club to discuss it. Have the club taken this option up, No.
    It was decided a long time ago that Aveley was the prefured option of the current regime, and frankly the club has done nought to try and do what the fans want, which is just to stay in Grays. I have not spoken to one fan yet, that is in favour of a move to Aveley.

    There is also a decent argument that the club could stay at the rec, but would have to tighten its belt alittle. The landlords will not throw us out, and have been very reasonable for the last 10 years lease. Granted the playing budget would have to be cut, but if the club actually had any commercial sence, it could make up some money.
    I also have no doubts that the supporters trust would also be looking for some sort of fund raising to help out with the rent

    I will not be going to Grays, in Aveley or Dagenham, next year, and its nothing to do with the standard of the football being played currently. I do not agree with the way the club is being run.
    Moving out of Grays will be the death of GAFC, but I dont think the club are looking that hard to stay.


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