Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Diversity at Lakeside

You have to feel almost sorry for the organisers at Lakeside. To highlight their Christmas Launch they put on a pretty good show at the shopping centre. They closed two car parks, built a stage and invited top dance group Diversity to wow the crowds.

What they couldn’t organize was the weather and wow did it rain . The temporary structure creaked in the howling gale as well but that still didn’t deter the hundreds of fans who braved the appalling weather to see their heroes.

The boys didn’t disappoint either. Despite being a man down (Ashley was stuck on the North Circular ) they entertained the crowds with their effortless routines . They would have gone on longer but a power cut put paid to that.

Still they paid homage to their fans and made a special mention of Lakeside as they had performed there many times before and it was a place they would always remember fondly.

Yourthurrock of course had to talk to Perri afterwards. The girls would never forgive us if we hadn’t.

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