Saturday, April 13, 2024

Garden With Red Roses

A HARD HITTING film on the subject of elder abuse was shown at the Thameside Theatre.

Set in May 1997 at the time of the New Labour election victory, ‘Gardens with Red Roses’ is an independently produced and funded short film about love, aspiration and greed in post Thatcher Britain. Dominic is a young lad from Newcastle who has headed south looking for work. He lives with his girlfriend, Debbie in Milton Keynes. They look after Granddad, but long for a place of their own.

We feel their nervous excitement as Dominic prepares for the biggest day of his life… an interview, which if successful will give them what they have always wanted. But what will happen to Granddad? Increasingly frail, he shows signs of losing his faculties and we wonder who is to care for him as his health deteriorates?

As the hour of the crucial interview approaches, Dominic begins to crack under the pressure and in an unforgettable ending we see why – and learn the true cost of their ambition.


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