Friday, September 22, 2023

John Terry’s Dad Caught in Chafford “Drugs Sting”

A CHAFFORD HUNDRED WINE BAR was the venue for a News of the World “drug sting” involving England captain’s John Terry’s dad.

According to the News of the World footage, Ted Terry is seen fixing a secret drug deal at Unit 4 wine bar, next to Chafford Hundred railway station on Fleming Road.

Mr Terry, who lives nearby, met the two undercover reporters at the pub where he drinks regularly. He is seen in the video handing over three wraps of coke and receiving £40.

News of the World announced that a Home Office-approved lab confirmed the drugs were genuine, and illegal. The video evidence is available to the police.


  1. although this man is obviosly is in the wrong to have become invilved in this situation i cant help feeling that he has been stitched up by sombody in the bar who he probally drinks with all the time. sombody has notified the papers that this sort of thing goes on in the bar and thought they would make a few quid by selling the story as it is john terrys dad.
    he is obviously no dealer he just thought he was doing sombody a favour all be it wrong.


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