Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Essex Tops Ambulance Assault Figures

Over 25% of all attacks on ambulance staff in the east of england happened in Essex, figures published by NHS revealed.

Ninety-five assaults on East of England Ambulance Service staff were reported in 2008-09 with 25 occuring in Essex.

Neil Storey, interim associate director of A&E services for EEAS, said: “The ability of our staff to work safely and unhindered is paramount,
and we consider any violence against them to be completely unacceptable.

‘We encourage staff to report every instance of aggression they encounter in the line of duty so that appropriate action can be taken against anyone who has attacked them.

‘We also train our staff to undertake a risk assessment of every situation they attend.’

Number of assaults in 2008-09 by county:
Bedfordshire: 6
Cambridgeshire: 15
Essex: 24
Hertfordshire: 24
Norfolk: 13
Suffolk: 13


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