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New Arisdale Underway

A JOINT development by Bellway Homes and the Estuary Housing Association is underway in Arisdale Avenue, South Ockendon. The scheme, comprising 80 new homes incorporates a mix of family houses and apartments and is the first to be constructed in the area covered by the New Arisdale Design Brief that was approved by the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation last month.

The scheme has been designed by award winning architects ‘Stock Woolstencroft’ and is a mix of private dwellings and affordable homes for sale and rent. The scheme replaces a disused factory and completion is expected in Summer 2010.

‘New Arisdale’ covers approximately 17 hectares of brownfield land on the western and eastern sides of Arisdale Avenue to the north of South Ockendon. The area is allocated for housing and is the focus for the sustainable provision of services, open space as well as new homes.

The Design Brief supplements the Aveley and South Ockendon Masterplan and provides guidance to co-ordinate proposals for new development at New Arisdale. The Design Brief promotes creativity and encourages high quality development with the objectives of;

· Sustainable development, built to last, with low environmental impact.
· Walkable place with excellent public spaces that are safe, accessible, comfortable and memorable.
· Positive extension of an existing residential neighbourhood, widening the housing mix, with good access to facilities reinforcing a sense of community.
· Use of bold modern architecture that builds on the positive characteristics of South Ockendon.

A spokesperson from the Development Corporation said: “New Arisdale will be a well-planned, memorable place, built to last. It will be a distinctive neighbourhood that is part of the wider, existing community.

We are pleased that work has started and look forward to seeing other developments follow in due course.”


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