Monday, December 4, 2023

Council Staff New ID Cards

ANY COUNCIL employee, who has reason to gain access to a residential home, business or any other organisation, will be armed with a new form of identification.

Their personal details will be on the card along with photographic evidence to support them.

Tenants or home-owners are urged to ask to see the appropriate id before allowing anybody access to their property.

For reassurance, the cards will contain the oakleaf hologram and the individuals name and job title. There is also microtext across the council branding, as well as a contact number on the reverse.

All card holders have been instructed to present their identification each time they enter a property.

Thurrock Council Cabinet member for Public Protection, Cllr Ben Maney said: “This is yet another step in ensuring our residents feel safe and secure.

“I urge everyone to question whoever is at their door and make sure they get the appropriate id before allowing them entry.”

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