Candidates Join Forces To Slam Budget

Prospective Conservative MP’s Jackie Doyle-Price and Stephen Metcalfe have both condemned Alastair Darling’s Pre-budget statement.

Jackie said, “As the Government counts the cost of the economic crisis, borrowing this year is set to rise to £178 bn. This is more than will be raised through income tax this year!

Addressing this debt means tough decisions have to be taken. Labour have ducked the challenge – we know why – there is an imminent election.

Whilst the Government have reversed the VAT cut and announced increases in National Insurance this will not raise anything like what is required to tackle Britain’s debt crisis.

And Labour have even tried to soften the blow of these tax rises with what are no more than gimmicks – a tax rebate for wind turbines and solar panels; a cut in bingo duty; a boiler scrappage scheme and of course the headline grabbing tax on bank bonuses

Dont be fooled by this confidence trick. Britain is now borrowing at levels which will be painful to address. Labour have proved once again that they are not fit to govern.

It is time for change”.

Stephen Metcalfe has responded by warning of Labour plans for higher taxes and record levels of national debt included in the small print.
Stephen said:
“Every family in South Essex is going to be forced to pay out for years thanks to Gordon Brown’s mistakes. Our country faces the biggest overdraft in our peacetime history, and Labour have already started to hike taxes on local residents to pay for it.”

“The message to aspiring families from these tax changes is clear. If you want to get on in life, own your own home or leave something to your children, then the Labour Party is not for you anymore. It’s time for change – and Conservatives will work hard to sort out the mess that Labour have left.”

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