Friday, December 8, 2023

Year in Review: August

WE WERE delighted to have the opportunity to interview the Interim Chief Executive, Bob Coomber. To call Bob a steadying influence is to damn with faint praise but he does seem to be the rock from which the foundations of a new Thurrock is being built.

The Livewire Concert was a fantastic tribute to the work of staff and clients at the Youth and Connexions Service. Nobody works harder than Lewis Clarke.

We are building up a blogger nation so were delighted to have contacted Ben Harris. Ben was a teacher at Aveley Comp (now Ormiston Park Academy) who go into stand up comedy, met an american girl and well, didn’t want to die wondering, so he is now making his way in Hollywood.

Exam success. The improvement at exam level of all the senior schools is a testament to the hard work by staff, students, parents and governors. This isn’t a smoke and mirrors statistical mirage but genuine educational improvement by outstanding educational providers.


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