Year in Review: July

AFTER decades of sterling service as MP, Andrew MacKinlay made the decision to stand down at the next General Election. Sheer burnout was the main cause but Andrew also felt the whole atmosphere following the expenses scandal had also been a reason.

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring constituency, Team Metcalfe are continuing to “work the room” Stephen Metcalfe cuts an impressive figure as many pundits believe he will win Basildon South and East Thurrock by some distance. Behind him is a group of young Tories who will also be standing for council. James Halden, Charles Key and the team. “You win nothing with kids!” We will see.

The Citizens Advice Bureau continue to be at loggerheads with the council; Thurrock Community Chest celebrated ten years of sterling service.

Sir Geoff Hurst in Tilbury, Billy Murray at the wonderful Stanford Festival, Paul Young at St Joseph’s primary, David Van Day at the Park Inn. It’s like Heat magazine!

Last but not least, the T-Fest. A fantastic testament to Thurrock. A wonderful weekend. Much praise to Samson D’Alyn and his team. What a coup getting Diversity as well as a host of other acts from some very cool London acts to local bands getting their debut on stage.

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