Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thurrock Lib-Dem Defends Leader’s “Policy-Ditch”

THURROCK Parliamentary Lib-Dem candidate for Thurrock, Carys Davis defended her Nick Clegg’s decision to shelve some of their best known policies in the run up to the election.

Mr Clegg announced that extending free childcare, free personal care for the elderly and a “citizen’s pension” would have to be “put on hold” and tuition fees ended over six years.

Ms Davis endorsed the decision. She said: “10 years of Labour’s economic complacency mean that sadly we all now have to make compromises.

“Honesty is the best policy – we won’t try to miselad voters down by pretending that the landscape hasn’t changed radically, or refusing to spell out how best to deal with it.

“We won’t compromise on our aspirations for the future – free personal care for the elderly, free childcare, scrapping tuition fees and increasing the state pension may not be possible in the current climate but are key Lib Dem pledges we’ll fight for as soon as the economy recovers.

“But we are still committed right now to our priorities for the upcoming election, such as overhaul of the tax system to bring the personal allowance up to £10,000, saving the majority of workers around £700 a year.


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