Monday, February 26, 2024

Tall Dark Friend: Into 2010

THIS COULD well be a breakthrough year for Tall Dark Friend. Anyone who has heard his new EP, Mosquito (buy it on i-tunes or Amazon) and is familiar with his music will be impressed with the less is more, subtle strengths of the music.

But now Tall Dark Friend is in good hands. He is now working with John Parr (St Elmo’s Fire) and Dave MacKay who has produced for legends such as The Bee Gees and Harry Nilsson.

These are men with pedigree and experience who can take TDF to the next level. They clearly recognise that TDF’s brand of “dark pop” has a unique quality. They also recognise that he has hit potential.

They may share the view of YourThurrock that he may well end up working and being more successful in the USA but for now the TDF team are busy travelling up the A1 to John Parr’s studio in Doncaster.

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