Wednesday, September 27, 2023

East Thurrock Lib-Dem Candidate Announced

BASILDON councillor Geoff Williams has been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Basildon South and East Thurrock.

Both Lib-Dem candidates have embraced the world of social media launching their campaigns on youtube, facebook and twitter.

On his facebook site, Geoff has told voters why he is standing for parliament.

YourThurrock will be interviewing Geoff later this week.

Geoff said:

“I have lived in our area for almost my whole life and have spent the last thirty years fighting for the interests of local people. I have always wanted to see people given the chance to succeed. I have always believed people should receive a fair chance to succeed in life, be that in terms of education, health or tax.

“South Basildon and East Thurrock is a unique and beautiful constituency.

“Our area consists of new town development as well as older towns, villages and hamlets, estuary coastline, country parks, ancient woodland and modern, thriving industry. However, we face tremendous pressures here, too. I have spoken to people angry at the way our roads and public buildings are crumbling. I have spoken to people worried about the pressures on personal and family finances. I have spoken to young people who are frustrated and very worried at the lack of job opportunities.

“The Thames Gateway promises new jobs – but also brings with it a real threat to areas of local beauty. From Dubai Ports to the Nethermayne Gateway, there is a very careful balance to be struck. We must ensure good jobs for our youngsters in this difficult time, but also make sure we do not destroy the environment we are so fortunate to enjoy.

“In all of these big decisions, I firmly believe that local people know better than the bureaucrats. Those who live here know the area better than Whitehall, English Partnerships or the Thames Gateway Authority. I have spoken to countless people who are fed up with politicians and planners coming in from outside, thinking they know best.

“Now I want to use my thirty years’ experience of representing local concerns to be a powerful new voice for you in Westminster – one that represents our communities and their needs.

“I want you to give me the chance to join Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrat team in Westminster – to be a powerful voice for real change for our communities.”

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