Tories: Ready for Action

SINCE HIS selection, two years ago, prospective parliamentary candidate for Basildon South and East Thurrock, Stephem Metcalfe has been primed for action but with the advent of the new year and his leader, David Cameron putting the Tories on an election footing, there is a distinct spring in Mr Metcalfe’s step.

Since campaigning as a teenager in Harlow in the 1980’s to being a councillor in Epping Forest in the 90’s, Stephen has alway had the ambition to be an MP. If anyone has “paid their dues” then Stephen has.

The vote4metcalfe team have impressed and have been seen out on the doorstep as well as at many events in the constituency. Stephen has also produced a rolling news of press releases on matters of the day, the last being on cold weather payments and has been assiduous in turning his hand to most subjects.

Inspired by Thatcher but a true “One Nation” Tory, it will be fascinating to see how Stephen takes on Angela Smith, who we are confident, will defend her seat to the last. Her local popularity may go a long way.

We caught up with Stephen to discuss how he is planning the next four months.

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