Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Dick Barton at The Thameside

“Dick Barton Special Agent”

Thurrock Courts Players next production is sure to draw in the “Dick Barton” fans from its first series on the BBC in 1947, it had interested people all over the UK.

The time is 6.45pm and we are all avidly listening to our radios to get the next instalment. Well you wont have to wait long as this exciting and new production will be coming to the:
Thameside Theatre from 11th to 13th February 2010 7.45pm.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to reminisce in the good old days. This production is a fast moving, toe tapping experience that anyone will enjoy. Headed by a competent cast in Wayne Prince as Dick Barton and Vic Gray as the EFIL Scarheart. We go through the adventures with great gusto!

It was stated in the Times newspaper of the day that some correspondents were claiming that the normally tranquil British Family home was being rent asunder by nightly arguments as children insisted and pleaded that they must listen to Dick Barton (how else could they face their chums at school?). Jolly well get your spiffing selves to the Thameside and be quick about it!!


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