Thursday, May 30, 2024

MP Celebrates Employment Figures

ANGELA Smith, MP for Basildon & East Thurrock, has hailed figures released today as showing employment has held up in the local area compared to the last recession of 1992.

Angela said: “Anyone who has ever lost their job will know how awful it is, and we have seen far too many redundancies recently. But these new figures show how stable the economy is compared to the last recession in 1992.

Both Basildon and Thurrock have half the level of unemployment today than they had then. It is tough now, but it was much worse then.

It proves that we must never be complacent about unemployment and do all that we can to help people stay in work and help companies to retain staff.

My role as the local MP is to encourage more investment into our areas, especially in skilled jobs and to support government action and investment in jobs.

We can come out of the current recession stronger than before, but only if we continue to take action to support employment.”

Unemployment in Basildon stood at 9.4% in 1992 (9,417) and in the latest figures for November 2009 stood at 4.2% (4,418).

Unemployment in Thurrock stood at 8.4% (6,878) in 1992 and in November was 4.2% (3,999)


  1. Sadly you can’t compare the 1992 unemployment figures with the 2010 unemployment figures can you Angela?


    Because the method of measuring unemployment is completely different.

    You would need to add back on the people on Incapacity Benefit, the single parents and those unemployed that the Government send on training courses.

    All these people have been removed from the unemployment statistics.

    If you added all these people back onto the figures you would get an unemployment rate of over 20% instead of 4.2%.

  2. Well said Dingle, this is yet another manipulation of statistics that this Labour Government have made to make it look like they are the party to move forward with, sadly they continue to make their own rules to put them in a good light and try and decieve the voters, this could also be said about the majority of Political Parties.

    As the old saying goes “how can you tell when a politician is lying? there mouth is moving” why cant these servants of the people actualy stand up and tell the truth about all the factors that affect this country and how they will turn things around.

    Local politicians are never seen until there is a local election and then all you get is leaflet through the door, what happened to door to door canvasing?


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