Monday, September 26, 2022

West End Star at Thurrock Stage School

West End’s Jeanna De Waal gave a master-class to students at the Open Door Theatrical Academy based at William Edwards last weekend.

Jeanna is currently a West-End star performer playing the role of leading lady Scaramouche and Ensemble in the hit show ‘We Will Rock You’.

The musical is an audience favorite and is the longest-running musical at the Dominion Theatre London. The story takes place in the future where originality and individualism are shunned, and a lone “Dreamer” appears to fulfill a prophecy that will enable the return of rock ‘n roll.

Director Scott Stevens explained how the workshop worked.

He said: “Jeanna explained that the bohemians are out-casts in the show and live for rock music, each student created their own style with what they were wearing and through a quick acting exercise created their individual bohemian character.

“Jeanna taught the final dance of the show to the Queen track ‘We Will Rock You’, such a fun and an enjoyable piece for all, head banging was a must!

“Every student gave it their all! It was a fantastic day to let their hair down (literally) and to meet a working creative in the industry. After, the students had the opportunity to sit down with Jeanna and ask questions that they were burning to know.”

“We are very aware of the importance of knowing who is who in the entertainment business, and subsequently we are always actively looking to invite members of the industry (producers, dancers, actors, singers, directors, designers, technicians and casting directors…to name a few!) to come to our academy and talk to our youngsters.

“In a few weeks time we will be bring in ‘Sandy’ from the West-End Musical ‘Grease’ to run a master class and more after that from different fields of the Industry.”


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