Monday, May 27, 2024

Planning U-Turn on “Unlawful” Decision.

A LEADING London Barrister “directed” the Thurrock Council Planning Committee to overturn their controversial decision to grant planning permission on two “Green Belt” applications.

The beleaguered committee spent an hour behind closed doors being counselled by John Hobson QC and surrounded by senior politicians and executives as Mr Hobson spelt out the severe legal implications should the committee not rescind the applications relating to Mardyke Farm in Aveley and Manor House Farm, Bulphan.

Once the meeting began, Mr Hobson stated that the decision to grant permission two applications did not provide “special circumstances” for building on green belt land, could be deemed illegal and recommended it be rescinded.

The committee, led by Chair, Stuart St-Clair-Haslam voted that the applications be re-considered at a future date.


  1. Very interesting, I assume that TCPC went through all the legal aspects of these two planning applications and were given false information, if so they then need to review who deals with their legal applications, if not they should now start to look very closely at their planning department as a whole

  2. In reply to your article and i quote your writing that the Barrister directed the planning committee to overturn their decision of the 7th January. I believe that this amounts to blatant and unlawful pre-determination. I would love to have been a fly on the wall during that meeting. I would love anyone who knows otherwise to comment including the so called legal brains at Thurrock Council or any other body.


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