Saturday, June 22, 2024

David Van Day: Wedding Bells

IT IS amazing, the number of topics, you can discuss with ex-Dollar star David Van Day in just ten minutes but the hot topic of the day is his impending marriage in a few weeks time to Sun journalist and beauty expert Sue Moxley.

Sue is a local girl but David has really embraced local Thurrock life with charity concerts and a host of personal appearances. They are even contemplating running a rival panto in the borough this christmas.

They have plenty of shows planned for television this year including their own wedding for the programme: “Four Weddings”.

They are hoping for a grand wedding under the glare of the cameras at Orsett Hall.

Whatever they do, there is an energy and optimism that the borough would do well to harness.

YourThurrock discussed a host of topics at their home in South Ockendon


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