Friday, December 8, 2023

Education Pledge By Lib-Dems

The Liberal Democrats have announced a major funding commitment to improving education across the country, a move that would see Thurrock schools receive a boost of over £8m a year.

Party leader Nick Clegg has this week set out the Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment for a ‘Pupil Premium’ that would invest around £8m of extra cash in Thurrock schools, raising the funding for disadvantaged pupils to private school levels.

The money will be invested through the Pupil Premium pledge, part of a £2.5bn manifesto spending commitment.

Carys Davis, Lib Dem PPC for Thurrock said:

“It’s nothing short of a scandal that children in Thurrock continue to lose out under Labour.

“Some of the schools here receive significantly less money than the national average and children suffer as a result.

“Under our plans, Thurrock schools would get a further £8.2m which they could use to cut class sizes and provide more individual support.

“CHC has provided a fantastic example of how dramatic improvements can be made – better financial support would boost the opportunity for more local schools to achieve their goals.

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