Monday, May 20, 2024

Shoo Shoo Baby!

The fabulously glamorous musical double act, Shoo Shoo Baby, return to the stage to heroically perform The Entire History of Cabaret in just 90 minutes!

In this new show, the Shoo Shoos illustrate cabaret’s scandalous and illustrious past with music from Marilyn Monroe to Elvis. Expertly assisted from the piano by Michael Roulston, they gamely take their audience from the revolutionary ferment of Gay Paree and the smoky subversion of Berlin to the cockney sing-along of the London music hall.

The show colourfully climaxes with a tribute to the Rat Pack in cabaret’s glittering jewel in the crown, Las Vegas. Featuring witty new arrangements of classic songs such as, ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ and ‘Me And My Shadow’, this is night not to be missed for all fans of cabaret

“What sets Shoo Shoo Baby apart is their musical wit and superb harmony. This is tight, clever and totally enjoyable… a sheer delight” Scotsman.

Thurs 11 March 7pm
Gable Hall School
Southend Road
Corringham SS17 8JT
t 01375 400 800 (ext 143)

Tickets £5 adults / £12 family

Ages 10+ 2 x 45mins


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