Friday, June 14, 2024

Ormiston Set for Clean & Green Campaign.

Ormiston Park Academy have put in place a Clean & Green campaign, that is due to take hold over the next month.

The aim of the Clean & Green Campaign is to improve local, national & global environment. They have considered all of the areas that need to be challenged, changed and improved in their current building, whilst making plans, policies and procedures for implementation for their new 2012 building.

The Clean & Green team, (which consists of the Head-Teacher, the Pastoral Coordinator, Site Manager, Business Manger, the PR representative, 2 Year 9 pupils and 1 Year 10 pupil) have produced an environmental review and action plan, that aims to provide inspiration to others in the school and to address the issues highlighted through a range of themed activities and resources.

The areas they plan to target are: Waste & Recycling, Local Environment quality, Energy & climate, Transport and Water.

It has been agreed by the members of the Clean & Green team that this committee needs to expand across the whole school, as the issues affect everyone involved within the school and the local community.

The team also hope to create a blog where photos and films can be posted so that students can share their ideas and help inspire each other. The blog will also be accessible to parents, to inform them of the projects their children have been taking part in. They can look at the blogs, see photos and films on the gallery, and generally look and monitor the schools economical activity.

Tess Walker, Ormiston Park Academy’s Head-Teacher said, “Climate change is a key part of the school curriculum. That’s why this campaign is really important. I hope schools across the country will get involved and do their bit.”

Climate change is huge, but it starts in local ways, like planting our own crops for lunchtime meals and helping them grow. Teachers, parents, friends and neighbours need to follow Ormiston Park Academy’s lead, if they haven’t already.

The Clean & Green team at Ormiston Park Academy hopes to spread the word about how precious our planet is and that we can all do something to help.


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