Council Leader Set To Face Vote of No Confidence

THURROCK COUNCIL is set to be thrown into chaos as YourThurrock understands that a vote of no confidence in the Leader of the Council, Garry Hague, has been tabled for the next council meeting in two weeks time.

What is even more shocking is that it may well be one of Cllr Hague’s own Tory councillors who has decided to strike, what may be a fatal blow, to Cllr Hague’s eleven month regime.

The anticipated motion is set to seriously put into doubt the ability of the council to set a budget at the vital meeting leading to further doubt and anxiety over job cuts as well as seriously undermine the credibility of the council.

Thurrock Council have remained tight lipped on the subject.

Spokesperson Andy Lever said: “We can neither confirm nor deny that an item has been tabled regarding a vote of no-confidence in the Leader of the Council.

“The agenda will be published on our web site in a week’s time.”

Submissions for the agenda for the meeting on Feb 24th have to be submitted by today (wednesday).

Leader of the Labour Group John Kent has been quick to eliminate the twenty three Labour councillors from the list of possible suspects.

He said: “I am not aware of any of my colleagues who have tabled such a motion. This morning, I asked for the list of items for the agenda but so far I have no received anything.”

Both Independent councillors for East Tilbury, John Purkiss and Barry Palmer have also confirmed that they have not submitted any such motion.

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