Grays Board Defend “Stuart” Controversy

YourThurrock has received an e-mail which we are taking in good faith as from the Grays Athletic “Board”.

The statement reads:

“If the Trust told the full detail of the conversation with the Vice-Chairman, they would realise the most important part has been missed which was the possiblilty of administration.

“The Vice Chairman had secured sufficient investment to keep the club afloat but the Trust seemed more interested in giving Jamie Stuart his award before the game even though his current club as well as our club (not Vice Chairman) didnt think it was appropriate.

“If the Trust wanted to present the award after the game in the bar, there was no objection as this has nothing to do with Grays Athletic.

“On friday, Martin from the Trust approached the Vice Chairman who agreed they could do what they wanted as long as they sorted things directly with Jamie, they declined this offer and told the Vice Chairman the Trust had declined this offer.

“The Vice Chairman has spoken to numerous fans and only met one person (Martin from the Trust) that didnt agree with his decision. It’s very easy to go on forums and websites but why not speak to the Vice Chairman face to face at homes games as the rest of the fans do.

“The club as nothing to hide on this and stands by their decision, no one player is greater than Grays Athletic FC.”

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