Ngage Devastated at Funding “Wipe-Out”

THE AWARD-winning community organisation Ngage has described the decision of Thurrock Council to pull all of its funding as “absolutely devastating”.

Speaking to YourThurrock, Chair John Peters told how staff feel that years of work has been laid to waste.

John said: “We had been in negotiation with council officers for some time and expected a percentage cut but to lose all our funding has been very hard to take.

“Jacqui Payne has given eleven years to the support of the community and has taken this particularly hard.”

Ngage won Best Company in the Community Award at the Thurrock Business Awards in 2008.

The staff of John Peters, Jacqui Payne, Wendy Mayo and Debbie Buck had become known as the cornerstone of community organisations from their support for community forums to their christmas community event at the Civic Hall.

The funding loss calls into question the future of the community forums and may lead to questions as to how Thurrock Council will address the recent damning government report into community cohesion.

Ngage expressed their disappointment that they had not been contacted by the Portfolio Holder, Cllr Joy Redsell.

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