Cheale Wins But Hague Survives

THURROCK Council Tory Leader Garry Hague lost a vote of no confidence tabled by former Tory Leader, Corringham councillor Anne Cheale.

Cllr Cheale, who was booted out of the Tory group yesterday was supported in her motion by 23 Labour councillors and the BNP councillor Emma Colgate.

Twenty-one Tories  and the two East Tilbury Independents voted against it.

Fellow Corringham councillor Ian Harrison absented himself from the chamber throughout the debate and vote, standing in the council foyer.

Cllr Cheale explained her reasons for tabling the vote of no confidence.

She believed that Cllr Hague had made an “Error of having the affairs of council discussed in public by a paid official”

It is understood that Cllr Cheale was referring to the decision to bring in QC John Hobson to advise the Planning Committee (of which Cllr Cheale is a member) that two decisions to build on the Green Belt could be legally challenged.

“You should have upheld the will of the council. That is your prime duty.”

In summing up, Cllr Cheale recalled an old nursery rhyme

“A man of words and not of deeds. Is like a garden full of weeds”

Before the debate started, a council monitoring officer confirmed that the result of the vote would have “no constitutional significance”.

Once the vote had been cast the business of the evening continued as usual.

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