Sunday, December 3, 2023

Tory Ian Harrison Fails to Back Hague

THE BEHAVIOUR of Corringham and Fobbing Councillor Ian Harrison during the last two weeks has hardly been the actions of a loyal footsoldier to Garry Hague.

At last night’s meeting, he was the last councillor to enter the chamber at 6.59 pm. He was immediately spoken to by Council Leader Garry Hague.

As his fellow ward member Cllr Cheale rose to spoke, he absented himself from the chamber and stood in the council foyer.

Once the vote had been heard, he took his seat back in the chamber.

As the meeting ended he rushed out of the chamber.

He was asked why he absented himself from the chamber?

He said: “That is my democratic right.”

He was asked if he would explain his behaviour to the electors as well as to Garry Hague. He said: “No comment.”


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