Thursday, June 13, 2024

Passionate Speeches Dominate Night

IF NOTHING came out of tonight then at least we should record that there were some fine fine speeches made as the temperature increased in the council chamber.


East Tilbury Independent Councillor Barry Palmer spoke during the vote of no confidence and let rebel Cllr Anne Cheale know exactly where he stood on the matter.

Making reference to the Planning Committee. He said: “Let us be clear. The decisions by the Planning Committee were erroneous.

“You made a mistake. Deal with it. You are lay people and the officers are experts.

“I have been a councillor for twenty six years and am proud of it. But I am ashamed of what is happening here.”

Eighty-year old Homesteads councillor John Everettt agreed. Struggling to get to his feet due to a broken ankle, the former Mayor was scathing in his attack on Cllr Cheale.

He said: “I am amazed by the behaviour of Cllr Cheale . But I recall that when she was the Council leader she was nothing but an unpleasant dictator.

“How she has the affront to do this, beggars belief.”


Tilbury Councillor Lynn Worrall clearly felt so strongly about Ngage’s survival that you could hear the tremor in her voice.

She said: “There are many of us, from both sides of the divide that have got our first chances in community participation through community forums.

“The organisations have changed their names but the principles remain.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourself. John, Jacqui and the team have giving so much over the years.”


  1. Barry Palmer, The [Planning Committee] made a legal decision the officers didn’t like, so they decided to change the decision, remember members are put in place by the people of Thurrock the officers only work there and I think do a bad job . What would be the point of having a planning committee if anything the officers don’t like is over turned? It would be a never ending process of putting things through the planning committee and then officers over turning it that is why officers should only recommend and not get above themselves, remember they are not elected members they only work there and when you work for somebody guess what you do as you told.As for councillor John Everettt why didnt he make the point when he was Mayor not not very nice having a go at a woman who as been ill john bad boy P.S hope your ankle get better


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