Monday, December 4, 2023

Interview with Garry Hague

STRAIGHT after the gruelling three hour meeting, Garry Hague stepped into Committee Room Four to grant YourThurrock a ten minute interview where he reflected upon the last 180 minutes.

Garry was quick to point out that the bottom line was that the budget of £126 million was passed.

Among his other points was:

Council Tax just below 3%
Investment for Street Cleaning and the A13
Funding for demand pressures.

We also discussed the vote of no confidence, the Ngage decision, the Chris Tomlinson statement and the conduct of Cllr Ian Harrison.


  1. How can Gary even start to think about the elections with a vote of no – confidence behind him, also when the council have no confidence in him, has his egotism got no bounds?
    Perhaps they should hold a secret ballot in the next meeting has some of Gary’s group looked
    Despondent and confused. The boat is sinking, time to get off ,or will he get pushed we can only hope

  2. Garry ‘Fway’ Hague (by the look of it from your live interview above) (ps Look at the Carry on Films) was there a fly in the room you were trying to avoid or is it just that your nerves are shot to pieces trying to hold on for you and your cronnies. Why in your interview did you harp on about the budget instead of paying heed to the fact that more than half of the elected members expressed a total lack of confidence in your leadership of the Council in voting in favour of Councillor Cheales motion. How on earth can you expect the voters of Thurrock to vote Conservative on May the 6th when you lost a vote of no confidence. I applaud Councillor Cheale for having courage to put her motion of no confidence in your leadership of Thurrock Council. If you had been anything like a good leader then you would have properly analysed the situation and stood down before the motion was put to full council. Saving yourself any further embarrassment by standing down and preventing Labour from making any further points. That is called politics Garry about which you know nothing about, otherwise you would not have left your group as a dead man walking.


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