Wednesday, May 22, 2024

…but a bad night for Danny

When you enter politics at a tender age you have to do your growing up in public, so it was a tough old night for tyro councillor Danny Nicklen.

Perhaps it was the baying hordes of UKIP members that put him off his stride but while all around him were making impassioned speeches, Danny somehow managed to misjudge the mood.

His claim to have stopped the Corringham Car Parking charges was met with laughter from the gallery and the Labour benches. Wait until someone tells the greengrocer!

But matters became somewhat more serious when he was slated for describing Ngage staff as “back room management”.

Danny was keen to point out that he used to work for the Voluntary Sector.

Now that Ngage have been reprieved, we wait for the next Corringham and Fobbing forum with interest.


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