Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Labour Slam “Third World Dictatorship”

Labour leader John Kent has described it as a “remarkable evening” comparing Garry Hague’s decision to “just carry on” with a “Third World dictatorship.”

YourThurrock spoke to Cllr Kent right after the gruelling three hour meeting.

Cllr Kent defends Cllr Cheale’s decision and also points to the conduct of Ian Harrison who absented himself from the key part of the meeting.

He is convinced that Garry Hague’s leadership is mortally wounded and assesses what Labour will do next.

John hails the success as that of the community with the u-turn on Ngage.


  1. Of course Cllr Kent and the other Labour councillors backed Cllr Cheale you would not expect anything else.

    Did Cllr Kent really expect anything different? they knew that the vote would come to nothing as it was not in the constitution so to bleat on about it after words is just empty words, something that his party are realy good at in Central Government.

  2. AS regards to Lambo rationalization it wasn’t in the constitution to rescind planning decisions once
    Made.But as we can see Gary Hauge is hardly a gentlemen or he would resign as the leader with no confidence
    Of Thurrock council to save his party any more humiliation.

  3. albert, would you really have expected the labour councillors to back the tory leader when they are hell bent on trying to cease power back for themselves that is why the vote went against the leader, why should he resign when the vote had no power at all and it was an opposition swipe rather than a true vote of no confidence,

    labour had their term in office and changed to a unitary body to try and grab power and made a complete hash of things so what makes you think they would be any better than what we already have?

  4. Gary Hague is a weak leader who is lead by strong officers that’s why he needs to go when he lets people like coomer push him about that’s bad ,but when he lets the same things happen to the members and then backs up coomer and the officers it disgusting .I am not saying labour are a better party I am saying Gary Hague is not up to the job


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