Monday, May 27, 2024

Vital BSF Education Funding Bid Fails Again.

THURROCK Council’s plan to rebuild every school in the borough lies in ruins after they have once again failed in their attempt to gain funding through the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme.

BSF planned to plough several billion pounds into a massive rebuilding programme across the country. With the recession, the bidding system has been intensely competitive.

The failure will now call into further question the future relationship between the senior schools in the borough and the Local Education Authority.

One source said: “This could trigger a situation where the majority, if not all, the senior schools end up becoming academies. Leaving a question mark of the future or relevance of the LEA.”

Two weeks ago, Head of Chafford Hundred School (the most improved school in the country) Chris Tomlinson declared that he would be happy if the school became an academy and outwith the control of the LEA.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: Thurrock Council is very disappointed with the news that we’ve again not been entered into the BSF Programme.

We remain committed to securing capital investment for our schools and will continue to work in partnership to deliver improved outcomes for children, young people, families and the wider Thurrock community.

This announcement makes it even more important that Thurrock develop partnerships and work even more effectively for delivering our vision for the future.


  1. who exactly is it in government that thinks its ok to destroy a borough by ripping up green belt land building 40’000 new homes and not bothering to provide schools, doctors, hospital, roads sewage, electricity gas, water.?????

    WHO ??? and should they really be in charge of running a country if they cant even see that this wont work


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