Saturday, May 18, 2024

Horses Bolt as Tempers Flare in Ockendon

YOU FEARED it was going to come to this but it could have been a lot worse without the assistance of the police.

The people who have horses on the land have been told that they will need to move their horses as the land has been sold on and is in the process of being redeveloped.

Tenant Rita Day came to the fields off Daiglen Drive, South Ockendon that she believed she was legally entitled to, which involved taking down the fences for parcels of land that had been vacated.

Campaigners and fellow-tenant Shell Brand has already made her thought clear, with a facebook campaign aimed at saving the horses.

With fences having been removed, the horses started to roam. The police arrived and were able to coral the horses and prevent them bolting into the road.

Voices were raised and tempers frayed. Mrs Day left but may well have to come back.

She said: “As each plot of land has become vacant, I have been asked to take down the fences. I was simply retrieving my posts. We should all have been off the land by March 2nd.

“This has all got out of hand. I am not the bad woman here. I am the Chair of Thurrock Horsewatch and would not dream of endangering the horses.”


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