Chafford Hundred School: The Future?

THREE WEEKS ago, a letter from Chafford Hundred Headteacher, Chris Tomlinson to Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay was read out in a meeting of the full council by Chair of Thurrock Labour Carl Morris. The sentiment was clear. that if the school could permanently leave the LEA it would.

With the failed £80 million bid for funding in the shape of Building Schools for the Future, Chafford Hundred is clearly taking stock of where it stands.

It is clear that the school is baffled that on the one hand it has been lauded as the most improved school in the country and yet starved of funding by the Local Authority.

Speaking to many of the Heads, both on and off the record, you have the feeling that they would simply like the council to say “Sorry” over the failed bid and that the more they attempt to blame the government, the more (it seems) they alienate the senior schools.

YourThurrock caught up with Chris to assess where the school stood and it’s future.

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