Saturday, June 15, 2024

Life On The Red Phone

By Kimberely Nyashanu

If you have an interest in politics, it is highly inevitable that when you meet MP’s of your constituency you would feel enraptured by the idea of assisting them in their election campaign. The general perception of MP’s has always been based on what is screened on TV. Some say, they spend their days pondering on where to purchase another property or a new suit.However, this is not the case especially after having commenced work with Thurrock Labour candidate Carl Morris. In only three days, I’ve already been enlightened in areas that I had been misguided about for many years. My eyes have been unveiled and currently I can boldly say, ‘they are hardworking, determined and diligent individuals.’

It is not solely about winning seats for Labour Party, It also involves leaders who are passionate about the standards of living for their residents. Councillor Carl Morris demonstrated this through the victory he gained for the Tilbury Ferry. His loyalty is also shown each time a local resident visits the MP’s office and presents him with a problem and without procrastinating, the MP’s team resolves the issue.

There has been a lot of canvassing through the telephone as well as door to door which shows the level of determination to reach out to local residents that the Thurrock Labour party has acquired. I’m also amazed at the popularity of Thurrock MP Andrew Mackinlay which shows the effectiveness of Labour Party in Thurrock.

Editors Note

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