Sunday, May 19, 2024

Election Coverage on YourThurrock

IN 2004, relatively few people had heard of Barack Obama or YouTube. In 2008, the Senator from Chicago conducted the great majority of his campaign using social media especially youtube.

This will be our first election proper. We have been pretty busy so far as senior ministers pop into the borough, as PPC’s are out campaigning at weekends and in the evening and as local council candidates start to find their feet as well.

The heartening thing for democracy is the number of candidates putting themselves up for election. The 2010 General and Local Elections will portray Thurrock at a fascinating crossroads.

YourThurrock will be out there every night, speaking to voters but also tracking down the candidates. We have written to candidates offering them airtime if they are out there. We want to see who is walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

Many people already know that YourThurrock is the only place to go to for 24/7 news and information in the borough. Our aim is to produce election coverage that will be the blueprint for local media across the country in years to come.


  1. Great stuff MC it willbe good to hear what the other parties have to offer as well as the main two, just hope that all the candidates are forthcoming with their responses to your offer of airtime.


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