Saturday, April 13, 2024

Richard Speight: Orsett Today..

WHEN you are a young candidate, fighting a difficult even unwinnable seat is the rite of passage that you must endure. Labour candidate Richard Speight is contesting the Orsett ward. We caught up with Richard as he was canvassing in Horndon. Richard is clearly relishing the challenge, as he is in assisting MP Angela Smith out in the constituency.

It goes without saying that a Cambridge History graduate such as Richard is a bright young man but he is also very much a product of a new political age that embraces technology and the internet as a way of reaching out to the voters. At the same time, Richard subscribes to the same themes of social justice that his political forefathers have over the past two centuries. Not sure that these are the same themes his own father, the legendary Editor, Neil Speight subscribes to but they must make for interesting debates.

We are sure to see more of the engaging, bright and determined Richard Speight over the next six weeks and for years to come.


  1. Good Luck to Richard in his quest, he is going to need a hell of a lot of luck pitching his case for the Labour party in light of more slease scandals from this Labour Government, the electorate must be laughing at these labour politicians that are runing this country into the ground.

    Any labour candidate will certainly have their work cut out trying to convince people that they should vote for this lot yet again……

  2. Cheers for the comments guys.

    @Lambo – I don’t really want to get embroiled in a big debate about the Labour government. Like many people in the party, I think the Government has made some mistakes in some areas, and had some big successes in others.

    One thing I always try to point out when I’m talking to people out and about is that local elections shouldn’t be a referendum on the government but a vote on who you think will represent you best at a local level.

    I believe in fundamental Labour values of fairness and social justice applied here in Thurrock and if people have had enough of Tory waste and incompetence in Grays then they should have their say at the ballot box.


  3. Rich, thanks for the response, and whilst I admire your get up and go and standing by your principles regarding the Labour party, unfortunately whilst the local elections should be about the local running of the area national problems caused by any party do come into it and I personally feel that the current Labour party have dragged this country to it’s knees.

    We have the biggest deficit seen in any peace time, ok you can blame the bankers for this but the government were warned about this but chose to take a softly softly approach.

    The health service is in dire straights due to lack of investment.

    Education standards are degraded due to the constant medelling of the education secretary, teachers start teaching one way then are told to change several times.

    Immigration is at an all time high with no controls on the borders, infact the latest government figures are only a guess as they do not know how many people are illegal in the country.

    The country was taken into an illegal war on the back of a forged document regarding WMD, this was then changed to Regime Change which I find very strange as if this was the case why have we not gone to Zimbabwe or North Korea?

    The scandals that all parties have been embroiled in with regards to the expenses, cash for questions etc have served to place mistrust in all of Parliament from the general public, which ever party gets into power will have one hell of a job sorting out the mess that has been left behind.

    Local politics should be for the local people; however, with our current setup in Thurrock there are too many councillors who are out to point score against opposition parties that the true work gets left behind and the local electorate suffer.


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