Richard Speight: Orsett Today..

WHEN you are a young candidate, fighting a difficult even unwinnable seat is the rite of passage that you must endure. Labour candidate Richard Speight is contesting the Orsett ward. We caught up with Richard as he was canvassing in Horndon. Richard is clearly relishing the challenge, as he is in assisting MP Angela Smith out in the constituency.

It goes without saying that a Cambridge History graduate such as Richard is a bright young man but he is also very much a product of a new political age that embraces technology and the internet as a way of reaching out to the voters. At the same time, Richard subscribes to the same themes of social justice that his political forefathers have over the past two centuries. Not sure that these are the same themes his own father, the legendary Editor, Neil Speight subscribes to but they must make for interesting debates.

We are sure to see more of the engaging, bright and determined Richard Speight over the next six weeks and for years to come.

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